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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Used in Fast and Furious (4)

Driven by actor Paul Walker (Brian O'Conner)

Size: 18 x 24

Price: $ 24.99

This was Hero car 2 otherwise known as set car #8.1. The difference between Hero car 1 and 2 is 1 was to be still shots only while 2 would be in most of the driving and light stunt scenes. Scenes that might incur excessive damage were saved for one of the couple driving "stunt cars" to do. Despite the car being a hero car and not to be damaged it did suffer some damage during filming due to accidents during stunt scenes. The car received quick bodywork and paint it back screen worthy again and was sent back out to continue filming. The car looked fine on the big screen but without the editing magic, it looked quite bad in person once its time on set was finished. Paul did the majority of his own stunt scenes and all his own driving scenes.

This car was the car Paul spent the most time in for the movie.

At this point, it was auctioned off and exchanged a couple hands before it landed in the owner's possession today!

Donate to Paul Walker's non-profit organization Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW)


Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW) is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit founded by Paul Walker. In January of 2010, after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, Paul spontaneously organized a relief team that responded to the disaster. On the trip, Paul saw a gap between the availability of skilled resources and the requirement for such personnel in post-disaster situations


Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW) responds to natural disasters with agile groups of volunteer first-responders and other professionals in the medical and construction fields who augment local expertise to accelerate relief efforts. Together with our partners’ support we deliver relief supplies to residents in affected areas that help them continue rebuilding their community. Our mission is to deploy quickly to effectively impact as many people as possible

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